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Specific market segments like the embedded software and gaming industry are challenged with dependencies on massive codebases like unreal engine and others and android AOSP which extends the overall compilation and static analysis time of any dependent application.

This is where build acceleration technology that can auto provision cloud machines, add additional cores to the supporting hardware towards reducing the hardware costs, overhead, and overall time to perform each build.

In addition, dealing with large codebases must rely on an optimized code analysis technology that can address subsets of code changes and impacted areas, hence, leveraging capabilities such as differential analysis and the likes can boost developers velocity and shift more code quality practices left in the cycle.

Join Yohai West, Senior product marketing manager at Incredibuild, Steve Howard, Head of Sales Engineering at Klocwork by Perforce, and Eran Kinsbruner, Sr. Director and Chief Evangelist at Perforce to understand the common challenges in DevSecOps and how these can be addressed through a modern SAST and an accelerated software build solution.

Audience key takeaways from this webinar:

  • Learn the most painful aspects and challenges of massive software build and test processes.
  • Realize the value of using efficient code analysis technology for quality assurance, security, and compliance.
  • Understand the benefits of build acceleration and distribution technology whether its cloud-based or on-prem, for efficient DevOps pipelines and increased development velocity.
  • Get the fundamental requirements to get started with Klocwork and Incredibuild.


Eran Kinsbruner

Eran Kinsbruner

DevOps Chief Evangelist, Sr. Director at Perforce Software

Eran Kinsbruner is a bestselling author, TechBeacon Top 30 test automation leader, and the Chief Evangelist and Senior Director at Perforce Software. His published books include the 2016 Amazon bestseller, “The Digital Quality Handbook”, “Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals”, and “Accelerating Software Quality – ML and AI in the Age of DevOps”, which wasnamed the “Best New Software Testing Book” by Book Authority. With a background of over 20 years’ experience in development and testing at companies such as Sun Microsystems, Neustar, Texas Instruments, General Electric, and more, Eran holds various industry certifications such as ISTQB, CMMI, and others. Eran is a recognized influencer on continuous testing and DevOps thought leadership, an international speaker, blogger, and also a patent-holding inventor (test exclusion automated mechanisms for mobile J2ME testing). Eran is active in the community and can be found across socialmedia and has his own blog.

Steve Howard

Steve Howard
SCA Specialist & Technical Services Lead, Perforce

Steve Howard has over 20 years of experience in software development — specifically in static code analysis. Howard is the SCA Specialist/Partner Support, EMEA for Perforce.

Yohai West

Yohai West

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Incredibuild

Yohai West has nearly 20 years of experience in technology solution marketing. Throughout his career, Yohai has managed global solution marketing activities while focusing on market needs analysis, solution definition, marketing campaigns, and thought leadership. Yohai holds a BSc in Technology Management and Marketing from Lev Academic Center — Jerusalem College of Technology.

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